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KINETICS FLOW™ provides a unique, warm, hot yoga, and aerial fitness experiences.  Our “barefoot approach to a better you” is designed to help you create the best version of yourself by helping your develop better balance, strength, and peace from head to toe.  At KINETICS FLOW™ we know how hectic life can be, that is why we are open for practice 7 DAYS A WEEK and model our programs to fit your body, lifestyle and personal needs.   

Whether you are increasing your flexibility in our hot yoga studio, or flying to new heights in one of aerial fitness classes, you will feel at home while training at KINETICS FLOW™!  Our team of skilled instructors will help you identify your greatest strengths and help you reach goals to practice.  You will feel supported by a diverse community of yogi and aerial members who are also working to be physically and mentally healthy just like you. 

If you desire an intimate atmosphere with passionate teachers who specialize in yoga, aerial fitness, group fitness, and dance; And you are looking for a supportive fitness community, in a friendly downtown setting; then KINETICS FLOW™ is the place for you.  We make practicing yoga and aerial convenient and easy by providing private showers facilities and changing rooms.  Additionally you can request women’s or men’s only private yoga or aerial sessions. 


KINETICS Flow™ and its subsidiaries are dedicated to promoting good health and environmentally sound practices in our community. Through the instruction of healthy forms of physical activity, we aim to help 8,000 people transform their bodies and minds by the year 2021.  We strive to make every movement experience both physically and mentally stimulating by offering participants a professional and friendly atmosphere with experienced instructors in one of the most innovative fitness studios in the country.


At KINETICS Flow™, our training philosophy is simple, we teach you to: 

  • Listen to your body: Not every posture is appropriate for every physical body.  Your instructors will help guide your movements in a way that is appropriate for your overall strength and ability.
  • Eat Well: To ensure that you have the energy that you need to practice, we encourage you to eat a nutrient dense well balanced diet as well as consume adequate amounts of water.  To support you in your healthy way of eating, we happily provide you with a weekly food highlight as well as offer you healthy sample recipes to try.
  • Live Life: At Kinetics Flow™ we believe that your state of mind, being and living is important.  To get the most out of life in everything that you do, we encourage you to practice being the very best you possible on and off of your mat. 


Most of us can find value in the phrase: “take one step at a time.”  We interpret that phrase to mean “slow, but steady progress.”  Metra Lundy, owner of KINETICS™ made these few words a major component of her business model.  Metra launched her first fitness company, Inspire Me Fit (IMF), in 2009.  IMF was born out of her desire to encourage movement.  Metra’s journey into the world of fitness began in 2001 with her love of West African dance.  She was dancing professionally with a northern New Jersey company when she was asked by a fitness associate to instruct dance training.  Both nervous and excited, Metra agreed to take on the task.  Her experience was nothing short of amazing: Metra’s students expressed their love for her coaching style and spirit.  They encouraged her to share her talents with as many people as possible.  After several years of teaching dance, Metra decided to pursue both group fitness and personal training certifications.  As her repatriation grew, Metra subleased larger and larger spaces that she transformed in gyms.  Eventually she prepared a plan, assembled a group of family investors, and hired a construction crew to get to work on retail space that would become KINETICS™.  On May 1, 2010, KINETICS™ opened its doors at 409 Raritan Avenue in the heart of Highland Park, NJ.  The initial iteration of this fitness studio provided a wide variety of classes as well as personal training.  In 2015 KINETICS™ moved its core services to 401 Raritan Avenue – An ideal space for personal training and boot camps.  Metra then redeveloped 401 Raritan into a hot yoga and aerial fitness facility called KINETICS FLOW™.


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Metra Lundy

Few leaders in the fitness industry can say that their work lies in changing lifestyles. Metra Lundy, a personal fitness trainer and group fitness instructor for over a decade, inspires clients to make permanent fitness changes for the good. Metra has worked with hundreds of clients in the Tri-State area since 2003 using her signature style and approach to healthy and conscience living. ‘Train Smart, Eat Well, Live Life’ is the philosophical foundation upon which her personal training and group fitness company KINETICS™ is built upon. Metra and her team believe in whole-concept thinking, and they work to educate and motivate clients to reach their greatest fitness potentials. Metra, a former traditional West African dancer, holds several national personal training, group fitness, and yoga certifications, and she teaches signature group training sessions such as willPower & Grace®, Antigravity® Fitness and more. Metra believes that her degrees in both Accounting and Biology have made her a well-rounded and successful fitness professional.

Anastasia Droungas

Anastasia Droungas

Anastasia began her career as a fitness instructor in Canada while attending graduate school, and she continued teaching after making the move to the United States in the early 90’s. As a full time fitness instructor, Anastasia’s greatest satisfaction comes from sharing with her clients the joy of physical exercise, the desire to stay healthy, and the determination to develop the endurance to deal with life’s challenges. Anastasia is certified and qualified in Indoor Cycling (Spinning), Step, Choreographed Dance, Total Body Conditioning (ACE certified), TRX®, Pilates Mat, Reformer, and Tower (Power House Pilates and STOTT).

Annie Russo

Annie has been instructing Hatha yoga and meditation for six years. She was trained in Integral Yoga in 2011 but has always taught hot yoga because she loves it! Hot yoga fosters cleansing, fitness, and a sense of peace in every class. For a career Mom, like so many—Annie strives to balance a busy schedule and appreciates getting fitness, detox, and calm in one hour. In all classes, she tries to foster a well-rounded workout, core strength, and a yummy deep relaxation in Savasana. She incorporates affirmations and emphasizes mindfulness and breath work to release tension in the body and mind.

Annie also works as a clinical social worker specializing in addiction and hopes to eventually begin a private therapy practice. She strives to eat healthy, hike often, practice yoga regularly, and hula hoop whenever she can. She also teaches for 7 Seeds Yoga a trauma-informed practice that helps to treat PTSD and addiction, as well as provides in home-counseling for children with Healthy Body Healthy Mind. Her goal in life is to be peaceful. She feels yoga offers this sense of peace more than all other things. She is eternally grateful for her opportunity to teach and practice.

Bernadette Chiselko

Benadette Chiselko

Bernadette is a retired high school math teacher with a BA from Rowan University and a MA from Rutgers University. There was a time when she realized her weight and eating habits were out of control, so she decided to do something about it! Driven to transform her life and body, Bernadette began to practice AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga at KINETICS FLOW™. “The defining moment came when I signed up for a 6-week body transformation at Kinetics. All the pieces of the puzzle came together. The combination of healthy diet and exercising regularly gave me a whole new life. In total I have lost 55 pounds and I am physically, emotionally and spiritually in the best shape of my life. Healthy living is the key to a happy life.” With the encouragement of the Kinetics community, Bernadette became an outstanding instructor teaching AntiGravity® Fundamentals and Restorative.

Carl Martin

Carl Martin

My name is Carl Martin and I am an instructor at Kinetics who specializes in AntiGravity, an Aerial Fitness discipline created by American director, dancer, acrobat, choreographer, and fitness professional Christopher Harrison. My passion for AntiGravity started quite recently. I started off as a client at Kinetics about 2 years ago. I began my Kinetics experience by taking one of Kinetics’ AntiGravity Fundamentals class and the moment I experienced my first inversion I knew I was onto something very special. One thing I always warn my students is how highly addicting AntiGravity becomes and how freeing and calming it is. Practicing AntiGravity and working with the Harrison Hammock allowed me to overcome fear and improve my self-confidence; helped me strengthen my core, arms and legs while improving my overall flexibility and balance; and gave me the opportunity to solidify the connection with the child within.

My passion for AntiGravity grew quickly and Metra Lundy, the owner of Kinetics noticed that along with my potential to share my knowledge and love for the discipline. And so, she kindly offered to sponsor my AntiGravity Fundamentals and, later, Suspensions Fitness training at the NYC AntiGravity lab. This intense yet enriching training paired up with a solid Yoga and Dance background allowed me to find own teaching style which stems from combining the art of gracefully moving in space with control and confidence while utilizing the Harrison hammock to improve strength, flexibility and balance by unifying body and mind. So what are you waiting for? Join the Kinetics family and allow yourself to discover that limits, like fears and doubts, are often illusions!

Erica Arnold-Rodriguez

Erica Arnold-Rodriguez

Erica is a 200 hour RYT Yoga Alliance Member, specializing in AntiGravity® Fitness with AntiGravity® certifications in Fitness and Fundamentals, Air-Barre, and Yoga. She has an advanced certification in Skeletal Anatomy/Muscle Anatomy/Bio-Mechanics and Kinesiology. Additionally, Erica regularly attends various fitness workshops, and she is a licensed Zumba® instructor. Erica also has a background as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and director – Teaching and directing productions for The Union County Arts Centre, in theater arts, ballet, acrobatics and jazz among other dance styles. Erica is a fitness professional and enthusiast that loves teaching and watching her clients learn, flourish and discover. She has been a proud member of the Kinetics Team since June 2014.

Fania Tsakalakos

Fania Tsakalakos

Fania Maria Tsakalakos is a versatile performance and somatics/dance/movement/fitness teaching/training artist, who relocated to Highland Park from Philadelphia in April 2016 to raise her baby. Fania holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Smith College, BFA in Dance & Psychology from Rutgers University, Yoga certification from Om Yoga Center NYC, mat certification from the Kane School, and a plethora of other certifications.

Her motto “embodying versatility” encourages students to stay present for and open to embodiment of any movement experience. As a songwriter and choreographer, she specializes in the fusion of various cultural forms, which is why she enjoys creating her own pilates- or yoga-based exercises/methods. With over fifteen years of movement teaching experience, Fania has taught in Istanbul, Barcelona, Athens, NYC, Northampton, Philly, and now… Highland Park!

Fania is honored to offer her talents at Kinetics. She loves that she gets to teach various fitness/wellness forms at Kinetics including the new Floor Burn Barre class. Get ready for a transformative experience!

Jaclyn Spoleti

Jaclyn Spoleti

Jaclyn graduated from Rutgers University in 2012 with a degree in Theater Arts and a degree in Communication. In June 2013 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and shortly thereafter began teaching regular classes. Over the past few years, Jaclyn has developed a deeper passion for fitness In December 2015 she became certified in TRX® training and in February 2016 she acquired a Bodyflow® certification. She joined the Kinetics Team in April 2015, and she is very proud to be a part of this group of fitness professionals! Yoga and fitness are an important aspect to Jaclyn’s life, and enjoys helping her clients as they travel upon the path of their own fitness and wellness journey.

Marcus Pabellon

Marcus Pabellon

At the age of 16, Marcus moved to New Jersey from the Philippines. Because of the immediate immersion into a new environment, Marcus’ first few weeks in New Jersey were spent in despair and loneliness, bordering on depression. In an effort to liven Marcus’ spirits, his great-aunt invited him to her yoga studio. After the first few sessions, a new window of opportunity opened for Marcus – Ever since he has spent every week of his life improving his yoga practice.

Marcus later began to study psychology and sociology at Rutgers University, and he took advantage of all the yoga class and instructional styles made available to him at the universities’ fitness centers. While still a student, Marcus decided to turn his passion into a career, so he became a certified Yoga Instructor. Each class that Marcus instructs draws knowledge from his teachers, colleagues, and his own experiences. Radiating support, safety and positive energy in class, Marcus always aims to help each willing individual to personalize and grow their practice – Truly make it their own and weave yoga into their daily life.


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