NOW more than ever!

Statement from Metra Lundy, the owner of Kinetics and Kinetics Flow:

Hey there,

I hope you do not mind, but I rose today wanting to share a bit of my truth, and the truth that I have seen with my clients for over a decade now. The time for “yo-yoing” is over and long-lasting change is necessary. To get there though, we need three specific actions:

1. Honest and thoughtful assessment

2. The development of a realistic plan of action

3. Then swift, focused and discipline implementation of that plan

As a coach and trainer for over a decade, I am clear that whether you are talking about losing belly fat to ward off the dangers of heart disease, following protocols that prevent the spread of the Coronavirus or seeking justice for those who have been grossly and wrongly treated, the protocol is the same;

1. Assess, Plan, and Act

Kinetics and Kinetics Flow stand on a simple and clear set of core values; and, what is awesome is that those values are a shining light within our community.

I think we can all agree that the world feels extremely heavy at this moment. But, within that heaviness, I would like to thank my Kinetics, Kinetics Flow people as well as friends of our community for your commitment to doing the work. That is, the work of taking care of your physical selves; the work of developing your mind and extending positive perspectives out into the world; the work of standing for justice and healthy communities for all.

We train knowing that the dedicated time, energy, and efforts spent is what makes us better in our daily lives. We train knowing that we are not done. In fact, we have only scratched the surface. Fitness in all its forms (physically, mentally, and emotionally) is a life journey. And when done consistently, allows us to create healthy “selves”, raise healthy families that create healthy communities which then empowers us to create a healthy world.

So, to all of you I say, keep training – our world is demanding that you be strong

Eat well, your energy and stamina are required

Be the change that you want to see – your ongoing improvement is the example of what it means to be a valuable citizen of any community and the world.

Expect THIS when we reopen!

Expect THIS when we reopen!

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Slowly the stats are changing, COVID research is happening, testing sites have increased, death rates are down, and a few states have allowed businesses to reopen.  

This is exciting news, right? It means that we are improving. It means that after so many weeks of being in quarantine, we will get to reconnect. We’ll get to feed that part of us that wants and needs human interaction. But of course, that connection also comes with some risk.    

Most of us agree that COVID-19 has not only rocked our economy, it has rocked our worlds. And, as a result, we are all much more cautious of how many times a day we wash our hands, who is standing too close to us, and whether the surfaces that we are touching have been sanitized.

So, when Kinetics reopens its doors (which, although Governor Murphy has not given a date yet, I personally expect will be somewhere around the middle or end of May), we will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to keep us all healthy and safe!

If you scroll to the bottom of this email, you will notice that I have created a list of COVID-19 Safety promises. Just below that I have also asked a few things of you that I believe will positively add to our safety net.

But, I think that we can agree that my list is just that, my list. And, as I was compiling it, it dawned on me that I should ask you what specific facility safety protocols you would like to see in place when we reopen.

You see, I am clear that, together, we are what gives Kinetics and Kinetics Flow life, energy, and vitality. So, I would like to hear from you. What would make you feel COVID-19 safe?

Our promise to keep you safe: 

We are using a combination of state and industry protocols to establish and maintain safety.

Social distancing:we are preparing for a soft opening which means that we will open in stages.

  • Stage one:
    • Kinetics Fitness will reopen
    • Services will include personal training and small group training with groups capped at five people
    • All Kinetics Flow classes will remain virtual
  • Stage two:
    • Kinetics Flow will reopen
    • Services will include personal training, small groups capped at ten people at Kinetics Fitness and small groups at Kinetics Flow with groups capped at five people
    • Virtual training will remain in place for those who feel more comfortable training from home
  • Lobby areas will remain closed
  • Workout spaces will be measured and marked out on the floor
  • Deep clean: the facilities will be deep cleaned once per week
  • At the close of every shift: studios will be sanitized
  • In between client usage: equipment and accessories will be cleaned
  • Courtesies that we unfortunately can no longer provide include towels and mats
  • Hand sanitizer will be required before and after using the check-in tablet at the front desk
  • As a staff we will wash our hands often and will encourage you to do the same
  • All clients will be required to wear a face mask when entering the building
  • Workouts will be monitored and adjusted to ensure that everyone training can maintain appropriate breathing with the mask on

Hygiene:we will take a three-part approach to maintaining cleanliness

Usage of face masks: at this point it appears that face masks will be required by law once we reopen. If it is required, we of course will adhere to the requirement.

What we are asking of you: 

  • Your patience and understanding as we do our best to keep everyone healthy and safe
  • Help with ensuring that all equipment and accessories used by you is sanitized after you have used it  
  • Maintain excellent personal hygiene by washing your hands often
  • Respect social distancing to keep yourself and those around you safe

As a staff we continue the thank you for helping us keep the wheels of the studio turning; and we look forward to seeing your beautiful faces again soon.

Reminder: do let us know what safety protocols that you would like to see in place.

Warmest regards


Hey folks, 

This email is written with as much honesty and transparency as I know how to deliver. Please bear with me as I share our position as a studio at both Kinetics and Kinetics Flow during this Coronavirus pandemic. 

Let me first mention this because a few people have mention it to me. This is not another “stay strong” email written to keep people from cancelling their programs. It is true, we are a small business and it is your commitment to us that allows us to keep our doors open. But I think you could agree with me that this is WAY bigger than that! We genuinely care about everything that is happening right now. We care about our people! We care about you!

This email is about how to NOT MELT WHEN FACED WITH CHALLENGE. It’s about how to KEEP GOING with the commitment to become stronger daily.

As it relates to Kinetics or Kinetics Flow programs, for those of you who can stand with us while we all get through this, we greatly appreciate it. For those whose situations are rocky, we understand and are willing to help you adjust your program in a way that makes sense.

As of yesterday (Saturday March 21st), Governor Murphy ordered that we all stay in our respective homes accept to go out for essential items like food, medicines etc.

If you’re like most of us, this order sounds scary and stressful. We are used to normal and nothing is functioning normally. Many people in our communities are hysterical, panicky, angry and going crazy in our homes.

This is all very understandable, but WE MUST REMAIN CALM, because the alternative of freaking out won’t be beneficial to anyone.

​Everyone in our community has a role; a part to play. Our part as a facility is as follows:  

  • to help maintain order where there feels like there is none 
  • to help keep you physically and mentally strong
  • to add a bit of fun and camaraderie to what could be very frustrating days
  • to be an outlet of support
  • to make waiting out this pandemic a little easier
  • to provide your families with activities that will create productive bonding
  • to rely on some level of normal so that you can continue to be productive

​I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. From every administrator to instructor and trainer, we are here to help! Providing the community with an outlet for better health and wellness is our life’s work. 

​And, now more than ever before we are committed to helping you and ourselves get through this. 

So, my overarching message is…


Because of the new order delivered by Governor Murphy both Kinetics and Kinetics Flow here is our temporary new normal.

We will deliver all training virtually. 

DO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT… It is literally here for you!

So here is the low down:

Group Classes:

  • group classes are taking place virtually every day, multiple times a day
  • you can check the Mind body website or the KINETICS​ AND KINETICS FLOW​  websites to confirm schedules
  • if there is a class that you plan to take, DO sign up online. It helps us decide if a class is useful or if we should get rid of it
  • we are streaming all group classes live within on our Facebook pages – all recorded classes will be in place for 24 hours
  • after 24 hours classes will be moved to a YouTube channel where there will be a library of fitness workouts, Pilates and yoga for you to choose from

​Personal Fitness Training

  • personal training will be done virtually
  • all private training clients will be contacted directly in order to confirm individual schedules
  • our objective is to maintain your previous schedule or to provide you with a schedule that works better for you given the situation
  • expect to be contacted by the studio as well as by your individual trainers


  • This Monday March 23rd 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM there will be a party over here, nothing can keep us down Zoom call – all are welcome and encouraged to attend.
    • You are welcome to use the Zoom call as a time to vent
  • Join Zoom Meeting
  • Starting Monday March 23rd, we will launch a meet the minimum movement amongst Kinetics and Kinetics Flow members
    • This is an accountability and support “challenge” to help you get 150 minutes of activity/exercise in weekly.
    • Let’s make it fun by sharing some of the awesome and creative ways that we are keeping active
    • Do share how you have moved furniture in order to participate in virtual training
    • Anything light and happy is encouraged

​There is power in numbers. Together we will all get through this! See you all virtually.

Your Trainer and Coach,

Metra Lundy

Stand Strong Against the Coronavirus!

Stand Strong Against the Coronavirus!

At 6:00am this morning a steady rain poured from the awnings hanging over the studio door.

I sat in my car in front of Kinetics and Kinetics Flow waiting for Kelly (our Thursday trainer) and Marcus (our Thursday yoga instructor) to go LIVE with their classes. I’d committed myself to tagging a few people on our live Facebook page who I knew needed to take class from their homes.

I was also prepared to offer some strong coaching energy to others who I knew were fighting themselves to just be up and moving.

Kelly and Marcus were doing a great job. I posted a few encouraging words, then drove off.

Full of energy, I headed to my usual Starbucks wanting to have a usual experience of sitting at my usual table in order to work on my usual administrative tasks.

The roads leading to the Starbucks were decently busy so I thought, yes! – this will be a usual day.

I crept up on the right but was slowed by the annoying traffic light that always gets me right before the “Bucks”.  It was okay, I reminded myself, I was going to have a usual day.

The parking lot was sparse. Eigh! Everyone’s afraid of coming out. I said to myself, it’s all good Coronavirus. I’m taking all the precautions to stay strong and healthy so stay back. My desires are to keep on keeping on and have a usual day.

I got close to the cafe and saw this!

Talk about sheer disappointment, agitation and confusion about this whole Coronavirus situation!

Starbucks is NEVER closed. I sat for a bit deciding what my next move was going to be.

I made the decision, adapt I said to myself!

Create a new usual! Stay energized, lifted and strong.

I reiterated my commitments

-I will remain committed to my team!

-I will remain strong physically, mentally and emotionally!

-I will not let this consume me!

All of this happened before 7am this morning.

By now, you and I can see some truths in front of us.

The Coronavirus is taking a toll on all of us and we’re all concerned (especially as a small business).

We’re concerned about our families, our jobs, our bills, the economy all the extra work that needs to be done because of the Coronavirus. All of it.

And while It’s clear that the Coronavirus is taking a toll, what is also clear is, now is NOT the time to throw in the towel!

Now IS this time to pull together so that we are stronger than ever before.

Now IS the time to create a NEW USUAL!

Kinetics and Kinetics Flow are your communities – your family!

When the Coronavirus blows over, we are committed to being here for you; but in order to do that, we need your help.

Stand with us as we have committed to standing with you and we will get through this together.

Our response to the Coronavirus has been to create a NEW usual, a new normal.

All our group classes have gone virtual. Are you taking advantage of them because they are there for you!

We’ve additionally allowed 1-3 team members to come into the studio to have private sessions and be models for our LIVE group class streaming. This could be you! Are you taking advantage of that?

If not, we’d love to have you volunteer for private training

To take advantage of private, small group training DO respond to this email or text us at 732-702-0088.

Personal fitness training is still happening either virtually or at the studio! Email or text 732-702-0088 to schedule your session.

The point here is that we want you to be stronger, happier and healthier despite the Coronavirus.

Now is NOT the time to throw in the towel and quit! Now is the time to pull together, work smarter and harder.

To make that happen, we are committed to meeting you where you are. So, team members, if your financial situation feels a bit rocky, let’s work together by adjusting your program so that you can continue to build strength and endurance which are tools for living not just working out!

If you’re not a team member but want to try out a FREE virtual class, DO respond to this email or send us a text 732-702-0088.

Don’t throw in the towel, keep going!

There is power and strength in numbers! Everyone at both Kinetics and Kinetics Flow is committed to staying strong together. Let’s continue to do this.

We are here for you! Do respond to this email with questions, comments or concerns. We’ve got you.

Your Trainer and Coach,

Metra Lundy

Post Labor Day Gift - FREE YOGA

Post Labor Day Gift – FREE YOGA

Hey there! 

What I’m about to say may not sit well with you, but it’s something that you need to know, and so I’m just going to come out and say it.

The way I see it, is…they’re insulting your intelligence. 

Who’s “they”? 

THEY are the talking heads in the media – TV, newspapers, radio and social media. And I’m convinced they’re trying to keep us all in a state of fear and sadness.

Think about it – every day we’re bombarded with commentary on what’s wrong with the world – we live in this constant state of the “things are falling apart”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying we should get rid of our information sources. Awareness is important.

But, I am saying that in order for us to maintain a somewhat happy state of being, we need to have a productive way to process negative chatter and follow it up with lots of positivity!

In fact, I just listened to this TED Talk. Take a listen: HOW NEGATIVITY AFFECTS US

I can tell you, as a yoga and fitness professional for over a decade, I’ve helped dozens of folks feel better on a regular basis.

One “feel better’ method that’s been a huge success with my clients is yoga; this article on the American Psychological Society website YOGA AS A PRACTICE TOOL by Amy Novotney​ made it even clearer and I believe this to be true.

Practicing yoga is the perfect drug-free method for creating emotional stability.      

And, the truth of the matter is, even WE trainers use yoga to feel good.

Here are a few benefits of practicing yoga:

  • improved mood
  • better connection with others
  • improved strength and ability
  • reduction in chronic pain
  • more harmonious living

Now, imagine this…

I hand you a GPS AND give you the address to a house which is your final location; and this house is “THE” destination for peace, calm, and happiness.

Since most of us could use a lot more peace, calm, and happiness, most of us would jump at the opportunity to punch in that address and get a direct route to a joyous final destination, right?

Now imagine the GPS was YOGA and all you needed to do to achieve a greater sense of peace, calm, and happiness was to start practicing; would you?

If you answered yes, KEEP READING

My goal as a transformation coach is to help others feel better.

If feeling better is a goal of yours, and you’ve never practiced yoga at my studio Kinetics Flow​ (or you need a jump start) you may want to take advantage of this FREE offer.

This is a Personal Invitation for you to take a FREE class

Here are the details for this AWESOME opportunity

1. pre-registration is required (email us at or text 732-702-0088)

2. one-time pass only

3. the available classes are Tuesday 7pm – 8:15p Hot Yoga or Sunday 9am-10am Warm Yoga beginners class

4. Space is limited – 15 spots available

5. This FREE class cannot be combined with any other offer.

If you have a yoga practice and you’re looking to…

DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE or ….become a Certified Yoga Instructor


Join us for a FREE open information session on Tuesdays in September from 6pm – 7pm (text 732-702-0088 to RSVP)

Again, to activate your FREE class, either email us at or text 732-702-0088 (be sure to say that you’d like to take a FREE yoga class in your text).

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Metra Lundy