Post Labor Day Gift – FREE YOGA

Hey there! 

What I’m about to say may not sit well with you, but it’s something that you need to know, and so I’m just going to come out and say it.

The way I see it, is…they’re insulting your intelligence. 

Who’s “they”? 

THEY are the talking heads in the media – TV, newspapers, radio and social media. And I’m convinced they’re trying to keep us all in a state of fear and sadness.

Think about it – every day we’re bombarded with commentary on what’s wrong with the world – we live in this constant state of the “things are falling apart”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying we should get rid of our information sources. Awareness is important.

But, I am saying that in order for us to maintain a somewhat happy state of being, we need to have a productive way to process negative chatter and follow it up with lots of positivity!

In fact, I just listened to this TED Talk. Take a listen: HOW NEGATIVITY AFFECTS US

I can tell you, as a yoga and fitness professional for over a decade, I’ve helped dozens of folks feel better on a regular basis.

One “feel better’ method that’s been a huge success with my clients is yoga; this article on the American Psychological Society website YOGA AS A PRACTICE TOOL by Amy Novotney​ made it even clearer and I believe this to be true.

Practicing yoga is the perfect drug-free method for creating emotional stability.      

And, the truth of the matter is, even WE trainers use yoga to feel good.

Here are a few benefits of practicing yoga:

  • improved mood
  • better connection with others
  • improved strength and ability
  • reduction in chronic pain
  • more harmonious living

Now, imagine this…

I hand you a GPS AND give you the address to a house which is your final location; and this house is “THE” destination for peace, calm, and happiness.

Since most of us could use a lot more peace, calm, and happiness, most of us would jump at the opportunity to punch in that address and get a direct route to a joyous final destination, right?

Now imagine the GPS was YOGA and all you needed to do to achieve a greater sense of peace, calm, and happiness was to start practicing; would you?

If you answered yes, KEEP READING

My goal as a transformation coach is to help others feel better.

If feeling better is a goal of yours, and you’ve never practiced yoga at my studio Kinetics Flow​ (or you need a jump start) you may want to take advantage of this FREE offer.

This is a Personal Invitation for you to take a FREE class

Here are the details for this AWESOME opportunity

1. pre-registration is required (email us at or text 732-702-0088)

2. one-time pass only

3. the available classes are Tuesday 7pm – 8:15p Hot Yoga or Sunday 9am-10am Warm Yoga beginners class

4. Space is limited – 15 spots available

5. This FREE class cannot be combined with any other offer.

If you have a yoga practice and you’re looking to…

DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE or ….become a Certified Yoga Instructor


Join us for a FREE open information session on Tuesdays in September from 6pm – 7pm (text 732-702-0088 to RSVP)

Again, to activate your FREE class, either email us at or text 732-702-0088 (be sure to say that you’d like to take a FREE yoga class in your text).

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Metra Lundy

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